You're not boring - your photos shouldn't be either!


Session Information

Hello! I’m very much looking forward to your photo session and I hope that you are too! I really appreciate that you have chosen me to capture your memories when there are so many talented photographers in the St. Louis area – so THANK YOU!

In the following paragraphs, you will find important details for your photo session. If, after reading this information, you have questions, please feel free to ask.


Appointment & Weather

Please arrive at the meeting location as close to on-time as possible. I do realize that things happen, so if you will be late, please text or call me as soon as you are aware of the issue at 480-818-1693. *Please note that if you have scheduled an hour session and you arrive 30 mins late (for example), your session will be the difference between the session length and the length of time you are late. In this case, 1 hr – 30 mins = 30 mins session. If you are going to be more than 30 mins late for a session, I can reschedule you for the next available appointment for a rescheduling fee is $50.

I do my best to arrive at the meeting location 15-30 mins ahead of our scheduled time. If I have a session before yours, it is possible that I will be exactly on time without the buffer.

I do shoot rain or shine…that said, if you are concerned about the weather, I would be more than happy to reschedule your session (no fee if circumstances might affect safety or equipment). I can tell you though, that many of my best shots have been on rainy days – even if I have to walk in water up to my knees (it’s only happened a few times). I do understand if you are unwilling to be out in the elements, especially with small children and pets.

Session Fees

Your session fee must be paid in full to reserve your session time/date. Within 24 hours of confirming your date/time, you will receive an invoice to your provided email address for collection of your session fee. Once this is paid, your session is considered booked. Due to demand, it is advised that you book at least 2 weeks in advance of your session date. Last-minute (less than 48 hrs prior to session) sessions may be booked if I can accommodate them and will require a convenience fee.

Your session fee includes my time to shoot, online proofing gallery, and standard editing of up to 20 images (fewer for select sessions). Digital images, prints, and other products may be purchased separately as a package or a la carte. 



Clothing, Hair & Makeup

What you wear for your photoshoot is completely up to you. I try to steer people away from overly patterned pieces, clothing with characters (unless your child really loves SpongeBob or otherwise) or clothing that might date your shoot. I do encourage the use of accessories; hats and scarves in the fall and winter can really make a photo and other things that are uniquely you during the rest of the year. Please ensure that clothes are pressed, well fitting, and neat - removing wrinkles from clothing, fixing button gaps, and raising tops to cover more of your chest/neckline in post-production, depending on severity, may require an additional fee.

I generally allow for one clothing change during sessions longer than 1hr. Please realize that depending on your chosen location, finding a place to change clothing is not always easy. Many people end up changing in their cars or in a public restroom.

I do recommend for some sessions that you have your hair and makeup done by a professional before a session, but it is not required.

Image Processing

Your unedited gallery will be available to you within 5 days of your session. Final, edited photos are typically ready within 2-4 weeks after you make your selections, for download from your gallery.

Standard edits can include adjustment of color and light, sky replacement, removal of distractions, smoothing of skin, and brightening/sharpening of eyes and mouth. Anything beyond these standard edits can be done, but may require an additional fee. *Exceptions are made for creative portraits and select mini-sessions.



If you will be bringing a pet with you for your session, please understand that your pet is your responsibility and you must check with your desired location to ensure that your pet is allowed to be there. Pets must be leashed at all times as required by state laws – and I do not always travel with an assistant, so you must be willing to attend to your pets at all times.