You're not boring - your photos shouldn't be either!



Hi There! I'm Ellen!

I am a published photographer, who calls St. Louis home. I do travel regularly to Kansas City, NW Ohio, Phoenix, and Portland, OR and would be thrilled to accommodate a photo session in any of those places. I have been taking photos for about 20 years, and finally decided to make it official and go into business about 6 years ago.

I grew up all over the world as a result of my father's career in the U.S. Air Force/NATO and I appreciate people of all different backgrounds. Anyone is welcome in my business - without judgement or question.

I am an animal lover and I have  beautiful dog, Jersey, who you will occasionally see on my Facebook page.

I love foreign food...Greek and Turkish are my favorites.

When I'm not behind a camera or computer - I enjoy hiking, traveling, writing, cooking, and drinking coffee (my multiple coffee makers are a source of jokes among my friends).